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The Château de BOIGNEVILLE was built in the middle of the XVth century as the seat of a local family, the Barons d’Ecrosnes. The present Château was built on the site of a much older edifice, that had been constructed possibly as early as the XIth century. A small Chapel from the earlier period still remains in the grounds. 

Most of the exterior buildings (shed, barn, bread oven) were renovated at the beginning of the 19th century when the property was transformed into a farm.

During the middle of the XVIIth century, the d’Ecrosnes family became extinct and shortly thereafter, in 1674, the property was purchased by the king Louis XIV and given to his Mistress, Madame de Maintenon, who became his second and morganatic wife. The legend says that King Louis XIV asked Mme de Maintenon to marry him in the chapel of the Château. It then became the property of her descendants, the family of the Ducs de Noailles.

About the time of the Revolution, the Estate was confiscated by the state and was subsequently sold to a local family who farmed the surrounding land for almost 200 years.

An American citizen bought this beautiful property in 1989 with the surrounding 6 Hectares, and began a restoration program and entirely re-landscaped the Park and planted orchards and lawns. The current owner purchased the property in 2011, and completed the renovation which made the Château a model of comfort, convenience and authenticity. 

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